The Citadel of Roses

A walk around the Citadel is essential for anyone visiting Roses. Declared a historical-artistic comlex in 1961, the Citadel contains vestiges of various periods and occupations. The military fortification, with its monumental Sea Gate, is a Renaissance-style enclosure of 39.000 m2 built in 1543. Its interior constitues an important archaelogical site, containig the remains of the Greek town of Rhode, founded in 776 BC by traders from the island of Rhodes; the Hellenistic district, which enjoyed its period of greatest prosperity in the 4th and 3rd C. BC; the Roman, dated between the 2nd C. BC and 6th C. AD; the Lombard Romanesque monastery of Santa MAria, from the 11th C.; and discoveries from the 19th C. 


The Citadel Museum

It offers the opportunity to know the history of the town. From the neolithic times throught the Greek settlement, the Roman epoch, the Visigothic period, the Middle Ages and the modern period.


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